Ripeti Con Me review: an invaluable tool to practice Italian speaking

ripeti con me does it work

In this review of “Ripeti con me!”, I’ll explain how this Italian language course works and why it works so well.

If you sing Italian songs, you probably want to learn the Italian language.

I’m not talking about pronouncing correctly alone (which is important, sure), but also being able to use the language, at least at an intermediate level.

For this reason, I recommend an Italian language course with a focus on speaking called “Ripeti con me!“.

What is “Ripeti con me”?

Ripeti Con Me is an Italian language course that teaches the language intuitively and requires you to speak throughout the lessons. It’ll definitely improve your speaking rhythm and understanding of Italian.

The idea behind this course is that you’ll improve your Italian by speaking lots of sentences.

Sentences come up again at varying intervals. But you’re not simply parroting the sentences. As you go through the course, small changes are made to the sentences, moving different components in and out.

In this way, you’re learning new words and how sentences are formed. Grammar isn’t explicitly taught but you’ll begin to pick up the various grammar points on your own.

If you’re serious about singing in Italian, don’t just learn how to pronounce lyrics. Learn the language they’re written in.

On this website, you have the option to book Italian lessons on Skype.

As a supplement that, or alternatively, you find an excellent learning resource that will make you speak Italian every day: the Italian audio course “Ripeti con me!”. Among the many language learning resources available, ‘Ripeti con me!’ distinguishes itself with its intuitive teaching style and focus on active speaking. 

It’s for total beginners to intermediate learners who want to practice speaking. Total beginners can take it without being either overwhelmed or bored.

During the course, you will :

  • Improve pronunciation
  • Think directly in Italian
  • Speak faster, with confidence
  • Retain useful vocabulary
  • Master grammar patterns

Pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary are acquired unconsciously, straight from sentences. Basic vocabulary is repeated throughout the course.

Contents are kept practical. Grammar patterns are repeated intensively during each lesson, with occasional repetition from lesson to lesson.

Visit “Thin in Italian” to browse the course program and listen to a free preview!

Pros and cons

In my opinion, these are the features of Ripeti Con Me that make it unique:

  • The speaker’s pronunciation very clear
  • The speech is fast enough to feel natural but slow enough to repeat the sentences in the given time
  • The vocabulary introduced is generally practical and useful in daily life or travel
  • There’s enough variety not to be boring
  • It comes with a booklet with the sentence script
  • It’s easy to use

On the other side, the very method of Ripeti Con Me could make it look less than ideal to some learners used to more conventional methods.

  • There’s not guidance like grammar notes, so you’re left alone to figure out the grammar underlying the sentences, which can scare off total beginners
  • There’s no visual material except for the sentence script

However, I still believe that total beginners can take it without being either overwhelmed or bored, provided that they’re motivated enough and stick to their daily practice.

Try Ripeti Con Me today!

After this review of Ripeti Con Me, if you’re serious about singing Italian songs or speaking Italian in general, I strongly recommend using it.

Take a lesson today. In a few days, you’ll start thinking directly in Italian. Your singing and speaking skills will improve and your audience will be impressed.

if you’re still wondering if ‘Ripeti con me!’ is the perfect fit for your Italian learning journey, why not take a peek at this Italian course review? It’s packed with all the juicy details about the course and really shows why it’s such a hit for learning Italian. Perfect for getting a clearer picture of what to expect!

Does it work?

Learning a language with most regular methods is like a patchwork quilt…you build chunks of a language and you then somehow have to cross the abyss, from knowing vocab and knowing rules to having meaningful conversations.

This is a hard approach and very frustrating, the way I was taught French in school and the reason you get people studying for years but never able to actually use the language.

“Ripeti con me!” helps you cross this abyss early on by not spoon-feeding with artificially slow conversations but rather full speed conversations and the use of regular language.

The rules and grammar etc you can focus on later (if you really want to?!) after becoming conversationally fluent.

I’ve also used courses based on the same principles and learned several languages successfully. If it worked for me, you should also give it a try!

Download Ripeti Con Me now!